“The Summer of Stories.”

This summer was a great one because I got to experience something I want to do after going to college. I got to be a temporary journalist, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I was really nervous when I was told I would have to ask people that I don’t know questions, But I got used to it fast. I didn’t think I was going to be good enough for this job, because I didn’t know very much about making and editing videos. Also I didn’t know the right questions to ask when interviewing different poeple. But I got some help from my fellow correspondents and soon after I got better with asking questions and making videos. It has been a great learning experience this summer.

When I was told that me and my fellow correspondents would be attending a little ceremony to talk about everything we wrote about over the summer, I was a little nervous. We were told we can invite our family and also it would be recorded. At the ceremony we talked about everyone’s articles and videos. We also talked about our learning experiences. I was so nervous, in the video it may look like I was texting but I wasn’t the only way I could stop being nervous was to keep staring at my phone. I thought I wouldn’t be so nervous but as soon as it got dark and the lights were on us my heart was pounding. But in the end it was great we got to watch a video that was based on us and everything we did. I had a lot of fun this summer!

I am so happy I got to write about things that were happening in my neighborhood. I finally got to have a voice, and I finally got to share my opinion on good and bad things in my community. Thanks AccessLocal.tv! 🙂