This past Saturday, local volunteers came out to rake leaves, pull weeds, and trim edges to keep Tahoe Park looking its best! This is just one of the many successful turn-outs for a Tahoe Park Clean Up Day; in March, local key clubs and friends of the park came together to tidy up the grounds and to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Tahoe Park Pool. During the work day, volunteers  filled dozens of bags with green waste and trash, giving Tahoe Park the ultimate face-lift! And as always, the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association was there to keep volunteers motivated and moving, with fresh fruit and cool water! Thank you, Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association!


I interviewed some volunteers to ask about their volunteer experience. When I asked local volunteer, Juston, what he enjoys about volunteering he explained, The feeling that I get to help people, and knowing that my help will go to good work… I have been out here many, many times.” Justin is just one of the many helpers working to beautify our local parks. Here is a short clip from Dee, student from Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School, who volunteered for the first time!

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