Do you have a garden or a fruit tree in your yard? Are you tired of all of those rotten fruits in your yard? Are you not satisfied with the quality of the soil in your yard? Are you looking for an answer to all of these questions?

If so, there will be free backyard composting seminar on Saturday October 13th 2012 at Southside Community Garden located at 5th and W Street. in Downtown Sacramento. I bet you’re wondering what backyard composting is. Well, backyard composting is a economical and environmental way to clean and manage the fruits and other scraps in your yard.

The benefits of doing this are shocking. You can help save the environment because every pound of soil composted at home is one less that must be deposited into landfills. People who compost also get a free soil amendment which improves the health of their garden and reduces maintenance costs.

The free soil amendment is a material added to soil to improve plant growth, so it can also make your yard healthier. If you are interested and you want to improve your yard’s health, attend the seminar and learn how to and what is backyard composting. For more information call 311 or (916) 264-5011 or visit these links.