In the last three years I have been to more then five different types of high schools. I have attended the best of schools and the worst of schools. And truthfully, I have been taken out of all of them for immature reasons. On top of that, it caused me to let opportunities slip outside of my grasp.

Freshman year I  attended Sava: Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy, located on 5330 Power inn road. Sava was like an independent studies, but you still have to meet with your teacher once a week. Sava also offers a new program called Advance Path, it is an online way of learning but if you need help on a subject you can learn hands-on and take that class with a Sava teacher. With Advance Path, students go twice a week and attend three hours sessions. The reason why I transferred from Sava was because I didn’t have the same learning experiences like a public school.

Then, I transferred to a school called Visions in Education located 4800 Manzanita Ave. in Carmichael. Visions is a very good school and the teachers there come to you and work with you once a week and give you your assignments for the week. It is independent studies, but you still get book work, so you must either read the material and learn it or not read and fail. The reason why I transferred from there was because I was never home.

Sophomore year I attended a school called Sacramento New Technology High School. It was an electronic/collaborative learning type of school. The school had a lot to offer. There were two teachers in each class room, both teaching a different subject but the thing was it was like you were taking two classes for the price of one. The school had an extra class called Advisory. It was a small group of kids who would share something or participate in a college prep class. This school changed my life and gave me the technology proficiency I have today. The reason I left this school was because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd at a good school, I now know that was a huge mistake.

I transferred to Hiram Johnson located 1400 14th avenue. It is a school with a lot of problems but with a staff that is willing to do anything to help. The staff are committed to helping and being involved with the kids. When there is a fight the staff has to run and stop the fight before the fight escalates. The school also has a high average of kids smoking around the school, the staff has golf carts and they ride around in the morning and bust the kids who are smoking before school. This school has its own system that is a great solution to all of these problems. The reason I left this school was because I needed to recover some credits.

I soon transferred to a school called Sacramento Accelerated Academy located next to The Serna Center. It is a great school and also has an elementary school and a middle school located on the same campus. The school uses a program called Aventa Learning, it is an online curriculum where you have teachers who live an other states but you can have an online chat with them if you are online during chat hours. There a two sessions, one in the morning from 8 to 12 and an afternoon session from 12 to 4. If you need credits this is the school that will help you accelerate. I left because I am at a seniors level of credits.

This fall I am back at Sava and I am in Advance Path and will have my classes from 9 to 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I soon realized that it doesn’t matter what school you go to; they either get better or worse and it is up to you to choose your own fate at that school. You can either go to school to be social or just go to school to learn. And if there are programs and other classes to offer take that as an opportunity to take advantage of because not every school has 30 classes filled with computers and two teachers.