Lately there has been budget cuts, but Sacramento still remains strong with events like those coming up this weekend. This Saturday, there will be a Clean Up Event at Tahoe Park, located on 59th Street and 11th Ave. Isaac Gonzalez, the coordinator of the event, states that “It’s really important that the community steps up and makes sure their park remains a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.”

Gonzalez has been hosting events like this for over 2 years now. He is also the founder of the event. As a Boardmember of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association, he serves as the Chair of the Beautification Committee. Personally, he made a lot of memories at Tahoe park; it’s where he got married three years ago. He claims the park to be “his”, and while technically it is not, it might as well be because he cleans it as if it was his own.

It is because of people like Isaac and other people like him in the community that long-closed pools were open this summer. Events like these are not only an experience; it can also make a statement to people that this community of many is one. It is people like Isaac who starts change and makes results. With Isaac’s voice and the people’s help in the clean up, the park will remain a clean and healthy environment.

Anyone interested in helping is welcome to come to Tahoe Park on Saturday, September 15th from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. Tools, snacks, and refreshments provided. There is a raffle at the end of the work day. More info at