I was told to come to Chalk It Up for another day at work. Honestly, I would’ve probably never taken interest in the event if it weren’t for today. Now I’m happy to encourage everyone to be prepared next year, because I was going to miss out!

Chalk. The word reminded me only of hopscotch and The Simpsons. I didn’t ever look beyond that. Looking at the drawings made on the sidewalk of Fremont Park, made me realize that wonders can be made with the tools my grade school teacher used.

It’s always a beautiful thing when the community comes together to share. In this case, art. Something everybody can enjoy and relate to. The park is filled with joy consisting of laughter, “ooh”s and “wow”s. There’s a band playing soft rock in the background, so you can barely hear the busy streets around us. You would smell all types of barbeque in the air, and if that doesn’t make you hungry, some artwork of food and ice cream just might.

All the artists were in good, cheery moods. I can see they loved watching people admire their art, especially the children. One of the artists, Eric stated, “It’s fun for the younger kids. It’s fun for me.” I can’t imagine being a chalk artist. The thought of my hard work being swept or washed away is too harsh. Yet, these people came out to share their artistic styles and skills for the community to leave smiling.