This is James Work he was an artist at Chalk It Up 2012 and he has great potential for being a pen ink artist. James has been drawing for the last three decades and this is his first Chalk It Up. He has only been living in Sacramento for 58 days.

James is originally from South Carolina, he ended up in Sacramento because he wanted to work with his friend Ralphie. James and Ralphie work for a company called Revenue Solution Inc. located in Boston. As soon as Ralphie got a job in sac, James soon transferred.

James loves Sacramento and the people, and how everyone is very diverse and most people don’t judge. He heard about Chalk It Up because he lives around the corner from Freemont Park. He saw a flier and signed up and he thinks it’s amazing.
James has only had one art course in college.

He is not a professional, and it is not that he does not want to become a professional it is that he just doesn’t know how. He has two beautiful pieces of art, but it is not the colors or the bear that make it beautiful it is the reasons why he drew these. The reason he drew this palm tree was because it reminded him of South Carolina. The reason he drew the bear was because he feels Sacramento is a part of him just as much as his hometown.