By Anthony Alfaroe

During the last two weeks, some volunteers and I have been promoting and getting everything ready for our schools blood drive on September 6th. Our goal is to beat last years turnout which was around 70 donations. We are very optimistic after handing out a little over 90 consent forms. Another of our main goals was to promote it efficiently.

In past year, many students responses for not donating were because they didn’t know we were having a blood drive. This year we are trying to fix this. We’ve put up many posters around school to help get the word out. We also been advertising on the school bulletin. One of the big attention grabber has been our lunch table station.
So far, we’ve been making great progress. We’ve also have many volunteers to work on the event day. As we do this we also spread awareness that their donations can save a life. Blood Source collects over 700 pints a day to sustain our nation.

Our deadline is coming soon and things are going smoothly. Hopefully we pass our last years outcome. Personally, I’ve donated before (and still do) and its a great experience. The sense of saving someone’s life because of your donation is a great feeling. Blood Source also supplies donors with free items, such as Blood Source t-shirts.   When volunteering for a good cause that impacts many lives, there is always a feeling of accomplishment, even if we don’t pass last years out come because every drop counts.