All summer long, the Neighborhood News Correspondents have been working with young people in Sacramento to help them produce digital content and share stories from their communities. Those “Peer-Produced” pieces are published on our site, and at the end of each month all the submissions are judged and prizes are awarded to the authors. The following are the selections for the month of August:

Finding a job is not easy  1st Place

By Ghandy Chavez

Starting College At Sacramento State  2nd Place

By Francisco Sanchez

I treasured my godmother  2nd Place

By Serena Tsan

Head, shoulders, knees and paws  2nd Place

By Valerie Vargas

My Freshman Year at Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions  3rd Place

By Elissa Aguilar

Why I joined women’s rugby  3rd Place

By Giovanna Forno

An Influential and Thrilling Summer Camp   3rd Place

By Marilynn Wong

What is success? The story of a winless basketball season  3rd  Place

By Leticia Ceballos

Parenthood  3rd Place

By Bianca Bewley

The “other” football  Honorable Mention

By Andrew Reichart

My School Blood Drive Honorable Mention

By Anthony Alfaroe

Time for the real world Honorable Mention

By Catherine Chenault

The award for 1st place is a $200 gift card. 2nd Place winners will each receive a $50 gift card. 3rd place winners are eligible for a $25 gift card. Honorable mentions will receive $10.

If you’re a young person between the ages of 15-21 living in Sacramento who is interested in participating in the September Neighborhood News Correspondent’s “Peer-Produced Contest”, send an email to with information about your content topic. Submissions can be in the form of written content (blogs, reporting) or videos. Submissions should focus of community related news and/or experiences. Last day to enter in September 30th!

Congratulations to all the August winners!