This week I wanted to share with out readers my favorite ice cream shop, Gunther’s Ice Cream. Its located 2801 Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento. I just found out they have opened several new shops. Recently, I met someone who lived in the  Carmichael area and they said they never herd of Gunther’s Ice Cream shop. That was a big shock to me because I grew up going to Gunther’s and I thought everyone knew about it.

I decided to look up the history because I was curious to know who started Gunther’s Ice Cream and I came across their website, According to their site, Gunther’s Quality Ice Cream Company was established in April 1940, owned and operated by Herman “Pop” Gunther and his wife, Iva. I had no idea, it also said the biggest seller was the ice cream cones, which sold for five cents each. Those were the days! Ice cream was manufactured on the premises. The Gunther’s operated the ice cream store until 1968. Mr. Gunther passed away in 1963 and their son, Dick Gunther, passed away soon after in 1967. Mrs. Gunther was unable to continue operating the store and sold the business to Carl Buchell that year.

The present owner of Gunther’s Ice Cream is Rick Klopp, and was employed there in 1969 at the age of twenty two by Carl Buchell. Rick became manager of the operation 5 years later, and in 1974, Rick bought the business from Buchell. Rick and his wife Marlena continue to manufacture the product onsite and maintain the quality based on the original recipes left by the Gunther family. Gunther’s Ice Cream now sells ice cream to over 60 locations, in and adjacent to the Sacramento Area.

I just wanted to let people know that Gunther’s Ice Cream is delicious and has been around for years. I hope you enjoyed reading the history of Gunther’s Ice Cream.