Everyone looking for employment in the Sacramento region should look into Sacramento Job Corps. A very good friend of mine told me about r story about her experience attending Job Corps in Sacramento.  She had no idea there was help out there to give her an education and place her in housing. My friend was a high school drop out for a while, but then realized she needed a change.

When she would come to my house, my dad would give us lectures about our education and say we should attend Job Corps because that was how he got his GED in the state of Oregon. My friend decided she wanted to check it out, so she went to an orientation. Soon after that she was in Job Corps, she decided she wanted to take an office administration class.  She also focused on getting her GED.

When she first started they provided her with housing, food, education, and a living allowance. The money they would give her would be spent on clothes for interviews. The best part was that everything they offered her at Job Corps was free. You just have to have the motivation to succeed.

She graduated in just two years, and received her certificate in office administration. She even got to make a speech at the graduation ceremony. After that, Job Corps told her she can live on campus for two more years, but she has to attend college and maintain a C average. Job Corps paid for her college books, and her classes. She is currently enrolled at Consumes River College.

She is very grateful to them and wanted to let everyone know there an option out there to better yourself. It’s a great program for people that have nowhere to go or if you don’t have a lot of money. To learn more about Sacramento Job Corps, visit their website at sacramento.jobcorps.gov.