By Elissa Aguilar

Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School gives a great example of young teens thriving in Sacramento. Health professions have so much to offer to students who have dreams of becoming a doctor, a nurse, and other career paths in the medical field. Students are given the understandings on what colleges will be expecting in order to be taken seriously and at least have more than a chance into getting into the college they dream of with all the competition today.

The other students and I are going to be prepared to know what is required to attend colleges that focus in the medical field, and are exposed to the environment to learn what is expected of us, which makes those first college years easier. We will be navigated on how to pursue our dreams in the best way possible by plenty of help, and support by the faculty and peers.

The freshman year at Health Professions is all about being exposed to the career paths, making a goal to stay motivated, and to learning how speak professionally and respectfully to those around us. Freshmen also begin with portfolio’s that will be included in a senior project. Health Professions require a ‘C’ average or above, which I am sure will give me the motivation I need to stay focused and motivated.

Although I am only a freshman, I have done my research on the further years at this school, and although some goals might change the rest of the year at this school is a hundred percent about reaching those goals and take every step necessary. Other students and I are also given an opportunity to be provided with the knowledge we need by being partnered with many medical centers such as U.C. Davis and more.

Some classes that they have are Medical science I-IV, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Gerontology, Sociology,College-level science and many more. Monday through Thursday all students must wear scrubs; no red, or navy blue: to be confused with gang affiliation which I am grateful for to keep focused. And on Fridays we are allowed to dress more casual in regular fitting. I am optimistic about this school and how it will affect my future. Not only will I be the first  in my family to graduate high school, but I also have a chance to get into a good college I truly am thankful for that opportunity. If you’re interested in knowing more about this high school their number is (916)-264-3262.