By Francisco Sanchez

As I was about to begin my first year of college, I was very excited and couldn’t wait. Now, having started already, I grown to think I really could have waited. The whole process of starting school is what really got me. It was tedious and and made me irritable. Turns out, the smallest of things could prevent you from starting school, or worse if you’re receiving financial aid, put a hold on your funds.  Now that I’m in school and already done with the process, I find it to be an adrenaline rush. Besides the point that you most likely know close to no one in your classes, you are in an unfamiliar place learning things you never knew there was to be learned. I still live at home, but I drive to school so that allows me to do more studying at home and have less distractions. I am taking five classes and my favorite one is management because it’s a first year seminar and lets me get more familiar with the people in my class.

I’m a very social person but I constantly find myself forcing a “Hi” out to people because I’m so caught up in the experience. I’m the first person in my immediate family to attend college. And I believe I have an obligation to absorb all I can from this, so that I can go and nourish my siblings with my experience. When they come, they at least have my knowledge to go off of.