By Ghandy Chavez

I thought I was prepared, that I knew exactly how to get a job, but then I found out the hard way; Finding a job is not easy. What a huge awakening it was for me because I had no choice; I had to pay my bills or be forced to live on the streets. I actually  was homeless for a day. It was embarrassing and such a sad experience. Yet, it  had sparked something inside of me, forcing the invisible barriers out.

I decided to be positive and keep going. I always kept this quote in mind; “out of resistance comes strength.”  Therefore, I went out into the streets of Sacramento to ask many of the local fast food places if they were hiring. During my search, I referenced to a handbook on “how to survive a layoff” that I received from La Familia Counseling Center. Not long afterwards, the center provided me with a short term job that rescued and set me towards a brighter, successful road.

Resource centers in Sacramento offer many opportunities to learn and improve your chances on  landing a job. The best part is that most of them are free! I learned that Sacramento is not the best place to look for jobs, but it gives a person an opportunity to become more persistent than those who have it easier. I believe those who struggled the hardest are blessed to get more out of life then those going through life passively.

One thing I did to earn a job was that I took a look at myself, thinking about how I can improve myself by figuring out what kind of characteristics I need, or better yet, what kind of person I want to be. If I want to be a successful person then I must analyze what I believe a successful man is, in terms of characteristics, personality and philosophy. After that I pursued those traits and pushed on with my desires and hopes. I continue to chase what I believe can be achieved.

With this in mind, I found a job and will always improve to obtain a better opportunity!