The beginning of the Chalk It Up Festival was grey, cloudy, and cold. Further into the afternoon the sun came out and it started to be a perfect day. A perfect day to do some chalk art on the side walk, there’s so many artist here at Fremont Park and so many amazing art. People are drawing on all sides of the side walk all around the whole park. All the people are so nice and friendly, everyone was ready to talk about their art and share there story’s. Some people have come for seven years straight. People look forward to this event every year. Its the best way to end the summer. Full of colors and great food and people. The food trucks were awesome, they also had a beer garden for people over 21. This event is great for the kids as well. The kids get their own section to create there art and express themselves. Some kids drew pokemon and spongebob. I never thought you could make so many great art work with just chalk. Chalk is not just for little kids to scribble on the side walk. Its also for people to create amazing art, they make it look like it came off of a picture. This event is great and I hope to come to this event every year!