Dwight Head, a surrealist type of artist, has been coming to Chalk It Up for over 15 years. He was one of the first artists and volunteers. He found out about Chalk It Up because he knew one of the first board members.

He started drawing in Jr. High, and won a few awards in his art class. Then in high school he won an art competition that really launched his career as a professional artist. The prize was that all of the winners of the competition got to attend a two week course at Sacramento State.

He soon went to work for the federal government and they gave him a summer internship making wildlife brochures for state parks. As a senior he interned a second time, soon after he was hired permanently. They paid for his city college fees for two years. He was employed for four years, he soon left to teach art all over Sacramento. He taught at elementary schools and at community centers.

The government asked him to come back but he refused to pursue his career as a professional artist. He has been a professional artist for over 20 years and does not plan on stopping. His work will be soon at The Crocker located downtown. For more info please email Dwight at dtheadart@att.net

A sample of Dwight Head’s can art