By Jeantana Julie Saelee

As a long time native and a pure Seattle citizen of the Evergreen state of Washington, visiting certain cities take little to no effort to find uniqueness and depth, specifically in a town pinned close to the center of California; Sacramento. Though my many visits to Sacramento were short and restricted, it was easy to see that the city was definitely one that reminded me much of South Seattle; the diversity and bright cultures, the hustle and bustle of the day, and the calm summer breeze of the night.

From what I’ve observed, Sacramento contains a lot of spirit within the small neighborhoods and it really makes me feel almost at home. Seattle is very well known for its attractions, such as the Space Needle, the vibrant Public Farmers Market, and not to mention it is the motherland of the worldwide franchise, Starbucks. Personally, I am only familiar with the urban areas of Sacramento because many of my family/relatives live there and I see that Sacramento could use a lot more attractions. Not quite like the Space Needle, but something along the lines of public destinations that make tourists and travelers go, “I must see this,” or “I absolutely have to visit there.”

I know I’ve only seen so much of Sacramento to say that it’s boring and I know it’s not. However, I would love to see more well-built communities and more vibrant recreational areas for anyone to enjoy. It does sadden me to hear that a zoo that the city holds have the animals in very confined spaces and do not allow them to roam free in their designated area. Perhaps I should go see for myself, but nonetheless, I would like that the city can and will improve on this issue for the sake of the animals.

When it comes to things that Sacramento does already have that I wish Seattle could have, for me, it’s definitely the Pho restaurants that put many Seattle Vietnamese Pho restaurants to shame, quality wise and budget wise. Some other budget friendly things Sacramento has are the shopping stores. Whether clothes, food, or everyday convenience supplies. Sac has proved that they’ve got it all and for a lot less than Seattle and I really wish Seattle could have that. Though weather is not a factor we can control, a little Sacramento sunshine wouldn’t hurt my city, but overall, Sacramento proves to be a very great city.

My family that lives down there that once lived in Seattle, though it took a lot of adjustment, love Sacramento for what it is and it’s visible that Sac is definitely a city I have to come back to and explore more. Thank you for reading my article and I have to say, it’s a great honor to be writing about an awesome city from hundreds of miles away.