Recently, my mom recently received custody of my eleven-year-old twin nieces. They came to live with my mom after school got out. So it was soon to be summer vacation, and my wanted them to do something fun this summer and not be bored in the house. So she decided to do her research and look for places that have fun activity’s for children during the summer.

She went to the Boys and Girls Club, but that costs $95 a week per kid. She also looked at the Fruitridge Community Center, but that also cost money. She needed something free for the kids to do, so she asked me if there was anything at La Familia Counseling Center for kids their age. It turns out, La Familia had a summer lunch program, Monday’s through Friday’s beginning at 11am and going until 2:30pm, plus it was free!

The twins were able to attend the whole summer until the program ended on August 23rd. They got to play basketball and do arts and crafts and also make friends. My mom was very happy that her granddaughters got to attend something fun and positive this summer. For more information about La Familia Counseling Center you can call them at 916-452-3601, or you can visit their website at