During my recent stay in Seattle, Washington, my family took me to many wonderful attractions. I’ve seen the iconic Space Needle, visited the gigantic South Center Mall, and even took a stroll through wild Chinatown. Yet, I was completely amazed when strolling through the Pike Place Farmer’s Market in downtown Seattle, a place I expected to be very simple and plain beforehand.

When my uncle said, “Lets go to the farmer’s market,” during our walk downtown, I just followed along without any sort of excitement. From most of the farmer’s markets I’ve seen in Sacramento, I expected Pike Place to be roughly identical. An area which farmers and the community gathered to buy fruits, vegetables and other products. Then I actually took a glimpse at the scene. It was as if the market was fused with the neighboring buildings and restaurants.

To most of my left I saw stands of vegetables and fruit, and even some bouquets of flowers. To my right there were restaurants ranging from barbeque, bakery and even a Chinese deli. With Seattle being a port city, there were stands with stacks of various seafood, including shrimp the size of my hand and fish larger than my arms.

The atmosphere was relaxing and friendly. I always thought a farmer’s market was strictly of produce. Here in Seattle, I saw more than the title.

WARNING: Viewing this video will give you a first person view of Pike Place.

Find out more at  http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/