Sue Buske

“Community Media organizations must constantly evolve, adapt, and improve and Access Sacramento is no different” observed Access Sacramento Board Chair Jo Ann Fuller.  The Board, agreed and has contracted with the nationally recognized Buske Group to conduct a strategic planning effort examining our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

“Access Sacramento and other public, educational, and government cable television access organizations are at a critical crossroads,” summarized Sue Buske, Buske Group President and lead facilitator. “During our strategic planning sessions, the Board will examine and prioritize the training and technology needs of our region. As cable television evolves as one of many community media delivery systems, the resources of Access Sacramento are now more important than ever. We look forward to helping the organization plan effectively for the immediate future and more long-term goals.”

Sue Buske has been involved in cable television field and local cable programming since 1972. Her practice includes providing advice in the areas of initial franchising, franchise renewal, ownership transfer, cable operator performance monitoring, ascertainment, and all aspects of local cable programming.

Ms. Buske is recognized as one of the foremost national experts in the PEG access field. Her background and experience in cable policy, regulation and PEG access comes not only from the perspective of a consultant, but also from having served as a full-time cable administrator and also as a pioneer in the field of PEG access management.

Prior to the creation of The Buske Group, Ms. Buske served for six years as the Executive Director of the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers (NFLCP, now known as the Alliance for Community Media), a Washington, DC based national organization serving cities, schools, and nonprofit PEG access corporations. During those years she served as the coordinator for numerous projects undertaken by the organization. She conducted extensive research into all types of local cable programming and published numerous articles on PEG access and telecommunications policy.

A full-day strategic planning session will be held at Vice-Chair Gary Martin’s home early in September. The resulting document will be a work plan with specific goals, tasks, timelines and Board accountability. “We will create an action plan intended to be implemented and not just sit on a shelf collecting dust,” Buske concluded confidently.

By: Ron Cooper, Access Sacramento Executive Director