Each football season, local high school coaches gather for “The National Football Foundation Kick-off Breakfast”. The shared camaraderie and good cheer is a convivial experience and and signals the last time each can lay claim to an “undefeated season”. The next time they meet, they will face each other with “game faces on”.

Our “team” had the opportunity to speak to the 45 teams represented at the annual breakfast Sunday. Jim Jorgenson served as the organizer and MC for the event and invited Access Sacramento and other supportive organizations to share highlights of the upcoming season. Then, each of the coaches gave a brief, and sometimes witty, appraisal of the upcoming season and their chances of success.
Will James and Jim Dimino, our GOTW producer/announcer team, were joined by Executive Director Ron Cooper. When invited to speak, Cooper highlighted the televised season ahead.

“Access Sacramento has been videotaping and delayed cablecasting weekly high school football match-ups since 1996”, he stated proudly. “But this year, for the first year, we will do most of our games LIVE on cable channel 17 each and every Friday night at 7:00 PM. Using state-of-the-art, bundled, cell phone technology, we can send a live audio and video signal back to the playback servers at the Coloma Community Center and then out to the Sacramento County cable audience and then ‘streamed on the Internet’ to computers around the world.”

The new technology permitting this LIVE programming from anywhere with good cell phone connectivity is called “Live-U” – www.liveu.tv – and is used by broadcast news stations instead of the traditional microwave trucks with the tall “mast”. Microwave technology costs $500,000 and up for each van unit plus skilled microwave engineers to operate the gear. The “Live-U” unit fits into a medium sized backpack, is highly portable, and will take the video/audio output of our 4-camera truck, over bundled cell phone signals, back to our studio for world-wide distribution.

Stay tuned as we test the gear and pioneer weekly “live”, on-loaction events for the first time in our 25 year history.