On December 21st, 2011, I was approached by a police officer who had told me the park I was walking through is closed. I asked the officer “How could you kick me out of a public park”. He replied “I am the law you must obey my order”. I felt it wasn’t a lawful order so I proceeded on the premises walking as if the conversation never happened, the officer soon drove his car on to the park grounds and grabbed my left forearm with a very forceful grip. As he did so I repeatedly asked this question to the officer “Am I being detained?” ans he repeatedly replied “I don’t know”. The officer tried to force me into his car, I resisted and that’s when he used my weight against me causing me to bump my head on the rear bumper of his car. He soon let me go with a misdemeanor for failing to leave the premises.

On January 4, 2012, I went to court and they tried to give me 6 months of formal probation and work-project, but I did not take it and was forced to come back the following month for further investigation. On February 4, 2012, I attended court again and they lowered my charges and said they don’t really know what I did wrong. I ended up on getting 6 months on informal probation with aggression counselling.

I soon was told to go to Strategies for Change. Strategies for Change is an institute where young teenagers are told to go or forced to go by the court. The institute’s counselors are critical to the program, I spoke with a lady who stated the reason why she wanted to be a counselor was because she was previously a bartender and she said a lot of people would just get intoxicated and just start confessing and talking to her about whatever they had on their mind. Another man I spoke with stated he was an ex-gang member and he never really had any one to talk to but once he got in trouble at school and was assigned to school counseling he started to change and learned that the reason he had so much anger towards people was because he held it all in. Once he let it out he soon realized that this can help other young teenagers.

The program is a good way for young people to find out who they are going to be in life. The program has a mission, vision, and a commitment. Their mission  is to provide a good example with evidence based substance abuse treatment and mental health, and also for the youth to develop independence. Their vision is to help families break the cycle of trauma, violence and drug abuse; so to create a life that they would enjoy and love.  They are committed to providing a well teaching based education and treatment resources for creating and having a healthy life.

So if you have a young loved one who is either going to throw their life away, suicidal thoughts, or a drug addiction, take them to 4343 Williamsbourgh Dr. They will be willing to help if they are willing to corporate. For more information visit the link below: