According to California Government Education Commissions, in 2009 drop out rates for high school students in the state reached a high of 50% in some areas. Reasons for dropping varies. Sometimes it’s family issues, sometimes i’ts just not staying committed. But two of the big reasons a lot of students drop out is because they either can’t pass the High School Exit Exam or the “popular” reason they just fall behind in credits and give up.

Whatever the reason might be, Advance Path is there to help. They were created to help failing or out of school youth. The way they work is that they make custom learning plans to help a student’s unique academic needs. This individualized learning paths satisfies all the requirements necessary to receive a high school diploma and focuses on preparing each student for post-secondary opportunities including employment and college. Students can work either in small groups or one-on-one with an instructor.

Advance Path is also really fixable with time and it allows youth to keep working and tend to any family needs there may be. Looking for more information? Well this Thursday, August 23, everyone is invited to free BBQ. The event will be held at the George Sims Community Center located on 6207 Logan street Sacramento CA. Feel free to print it out the flyer below and pass the news around!

Sim Center BBQ flier v2 2012 (1)