In most college campuses you will find people with clipboards or on tables promoting and hoping to have you support their efforts…whatever they may be. I typically listen to one or two of those people with clipboards, they usually have some good information to know about or will ask you (if you’re a registered voter) to sign a petition. There are also those that can help you register to vote.

I can remember my fist year at Sacramento City College, I had no idea who those people standing and attempting to catch the attention of those passing by were. I did notice they were quite persistent, it wasn’t too long before they were able to speak to a student that crossed their way.

One of those “people with a clip board” had helped me register to vote. I had just turned 18 and was eager to have my own political identity. I’m not sure if the person who was helping me was paid per person that they registered or any other way. What I do know is that he had in fact registered me to vote, the downside, was that since I had no idea exactly what I needed to fill out in that application I missed the part in the application that would identify me with the party that I wanted to belong to and not the political party he had signed me up for.

A few weeks after I had filled out my voter registration form, I began receiving propaganda from the Republican Party. I then realized that I had not selected any specific party on the registration form and of course assumed that the person who had helped me register to vote had most likely done so for me.

You can register to vote and avoid the “mistake” of being registered to the wrong party by doing it on your own. In California, the deadline to register to vote for an election is 15 days before each local and statewide Election Day. Here’s a link for you to register to vote if you have not already done so: