Today I took a trip to an old place us young teenage skate kids would call “Power Inn”, but to most adults it is known as Granite Park. Granite park has a series of parks to offer including a skate park, a dog park, and also a soccer field. But beneath all that fun you are having at those parks is an adventure awaiting your arrival and it is right beneath your nose.

These are pictures of the skate park and the dog park. If you observe the skate park picture you will notice the hills, as my friend an I were exploring up those hills we soon found ourselves at a beautiful view and something we never knew existed over there.

I started to explore this beautiful place and its wonders. It was as if we were out-of-town or way up in the mountains. There are a lot of paths and roads that all lead up to the same place, there is a lot of wild life such as frogs, toads, rabbits, turkey, and geese. The paths lead up to a couple of small pools of water, I thought they were swamps but I researched it and they are called vernal pools.

In Sacramento there are a series of vernal pools, you can see them along I-5 as you drive south towards Gault. The presence of vernal pools adds to the quality of life we enjoy in Sacramento County. What are vernal pools? According to the information I found online, vernal pools are seasonally flooded or a small amounts of water that allow amphibians and insects have a safe and healthy environment. Water may fill and evaporate from vernal pools several times throughout the season. Specialized plants and animals have adapted to survive these drastic cycles. As the season changes from spring to summer, insects and crustaceans will produce reproductive cysts and eggs as water evaporates from the vernal pools. Amphibians will bury themselves deep in the mud and lie within the soils and must remain until next rain cycle.

It is amazing what you can find in your neighborhood even if you weren’t looking for it and it has been there your whole life and you our just now realizing why Sacramento is so beautiful.

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