So everyone in Sacramento sees the smoke coming from Joice Island, but are some people taking this seriously. This smokey air is very bad for people with  respiratory issues. It also affects everyone with an air conditioner. I woke up in sweat because I didn’t open the windows or turn on the air. I have respiratory issues so I really rather be hot then cough all night. According to there are 15.5 percent of people who have asthma in Sacramento. On the website there are charts of percentages of people who have died because of asthma. It says 70 people have died in Sacramento because of asthma.

According to, “As one of the sunniest cities in the country, Sacramento has all the ingredients to create smog. Sunlight triggers the chemical reaction between nitrogen oxides and VOCs that creates ozone. Inside the lungs, this invisible gas irritates body tissues and can lead to coughing, chest pain, and acute asthma attacks. At times, wildfires have contributed to the air quality problems around Sacramento.”

This is why people need to be safe and always use their inhaler, or in this smoky situation ware a mask if you have to go out. According to,  The Joice Island fire is burning a 20-acres of vegetation, and this is the cause for all the smoke. The fire is contained, I’m not sure how long the smoke will stay but today it looks a lot better then it did Monday night. Everyone who has respiratory issues be safe out there, if your inside keep windows closed. If you would like to see a video of the smoke in Sacramento click this link.