By: Liz Harrison
Due to recent security issues, we have installed a new server for our network.  This server will replace our old server and help with many network issues.  It will also add room for storage as well as allow us to transfer files from within our network.  This will help staff in many ways.  Some things it will allow is to transfer large files from one location to another as well as across different platforms (PC to Mac and vice versa).

  Eventually, this new piece of equipment will help our many Producers as well.  The next phase will allow members to record their show in the studio and their program will be saved to the network storage unit.  The file will then be transferred to the media lab computer so they can finish editing their show.  Currently, they must record their show and then (in real time) transfer the footage before they can start to edit.  Once this next update is completed they will have more time to devote to editing their project.

  At Access Sacramento we have been making many changes.  Just to name a few we have new office space, various new equipment, and more on the way.  Even the website(s) have a fresh new look.

Check them out if you haven’t surfed them recently at and