By Juan Albarran


Doctor Doctor I know you had a dream,

But I’ve got one too as you can see.


They say that tears are weakness in the eyes,

But it’s actually impotence expressed in physical form,

How can one chose to “protect” themselves and punish others though anti- immigration reform.


You claim we take your jobs,

But when have you seen a line when they were hiring for fieldworkers, janitors or maids?

Instead you organize yourselves, “investigate,” come into our work place and carry out your raids.


Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, same family values,

Though they come in different color,

Their dream is not to invade but to progress with each hard earned dollar.


Crossing deserts, rivers and leaving behind their native lands,

These people you call “unauthorized immigrants” have come only to praise the American sands.


I’d like to ask you ma’am Mrs. Janice Kay,

Is it alright to tear apart a working family?

And rid them of the pillar of the house, is that alright? Is that ok?


It must be to you, and to those who reside in Colorado too,

You like building walls? How’s the Berlin for déjà vu?


You want to say “show me your papers”

How about you show your country some respect?

Can’t you see the harm your causing America’s people is more damaging than the green house effect?


Diversity is key, we established that in sixteen twenty one,

But for some reason you’re acting like God had a favorite son.

We’re all the same at heart, a distinct culture that’s all.


If He had not been born in Nazareth, would you still call him Jesus?

If we were not born in America, are we not people?


To give a better future, a safe place to sleep at night,

We may not be called “American,” but we have a dream too.

But now you’ve left some of us orphans, feeling pain, despised and feeling blue.


Not California though, California is a true friend,

My California will stand against these racial profiling laws that you intend.


What’s the point of a melting pot if you’re intention is to segregate the colors in the end?

That’s some thought homework for you, hope you know that no matter what you do,

America will support the working class, be it white, brown, black or any other color…we will transcend.