Have you ever herd of EAOP? No? Well EAOP stands for Early Academic Outreach Program, and it was created to help students meet requirements to go to college. EAOP was founded in 1976 by the University of California in reply to the State Legislature’s request to expand postsecondary opportunities to all of California’s students including those who are first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged and English-language learners.

Personally, I’ve I found this program extremely helpful solely because I am in the process of applying to colleges. In today’s world there are plenty of websites that help educated youth about college, and yes, there are classes that some high schools offer to help youth learn about colleges, but those programs only take you so far.

I’ve learned from going to an EAOP class that they take it farther then just informing one about college. They work with you, they come to High schools, Middle schools, Community colleges and Elementary schools. One of the many services they offer is Academic Advising, which is counseling services to EAOP participants via monitoring the student’s academic progress and continuing to give advise on the course sequence necessary to meet eligibility for admissions to college. Being a student in high school with a million and one deadlines and midterms, having someone help you stay on track to meet college requirements and not only a huge relief of stress but also a bit of a miracle.