Last Thursday I attended the BMoC training to prepare and prep the oncoming Committee Hearing event. The meeting was something I’ve only seen in movies. Have you ever used a webcam? Now imagine being webcamed as a group representing an organization. No, representing a city. Now, you’re looking at a screen showing 3 other groups from 3 other cities. Yes, it was a crazy experience.

Back on topic, the groups from the meeting are all a part of the BMoC. Four committees pursuing the same goals from Sacramento, Fresno, L.A. and Oakland. We gathered to finalize our plans for the 7th and 8th of August.

The Committee Hearings next week will give us a chance to introduce our ideas and opinions to state legislators. It won’t just be simple and small talk. We will finally have an opportunity to sit down and share stories about the struggles we face in the community. About what we want to see be put into action.

On training day, we set simple community agreements to abide by while at the event and handed roles to certain members, such as greeters, receptionists and ambassadors. We summarized the agenda and discussed entertainment. Overall, we got a feel of what groups like us would be like if brought together. The best word to describe it would be; powerful.

Towards the end of the meeting, we were being taught tips to aid us in a more confident conversation. Listened to a lecture that for me, pointed out how serious the next couple days will be.

I will be at the event as an ambassador, hunting down legislators to talk with; to share opinions and receive feedback, to hopefully leave these big guys with something memorable to look forward to.