At the age of fourteen I had an infinite amount of talent. I could play any sport and get the hang of it. But one sport that was complicated for me and pushed me to my limits and tested my strengths was skateboarding. It wasn’t that I wanted to be the best, it was that I wanted to challenge myself.

Because of skateboarding, I broke my arm three times, had two concussions, and got a lot of scrapes and bruises. Skateboarding is fun, but like every sport you always need sports gear. After all of those accidents I started to wear a helmet until I got better balance, and I soon did.

At  the age of fifteen I soon had my own diversity of tricks that I could do, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to aim higher and become better then the crowd I skated with. I soon did but there is always someone better. Skating soon became my ultimate talent, and I learned very quickly just by watching pros on TV and my older friend Robert, he taught me everything I know and he tested my skills almost everyday.

At the age of sixteen I quit skating and began to have a lot of  free time on my hands. I would walk around my neighborhood more usual and I would always be with a big crowd but I soon notice that I lost track of my old crowd and gained a worse one. The crowd I typically hung out with got into a lot of  fights and got kicked out of school. At the time it was considered cool but I have a lot of regrets on messing up the opportunities I once had. My mother also noticed and would sometimes ask “Gabriel, what happen to your old skater friends”. I would reply “Oh they have a job or they’re are still at the school I was previously expelled from”.

This is my friend Eddie he is 18 years of age and is skating so that way he could get exercise and have fun doing it. At the age of seventeen I got a job at and it gave me an awaking and reminded me that life is just like skating; when you fall you must get back up like nothing happened, and I have fell in the past and was the backbone that helped me up.