For the longest time I’ve noticed all the different trees in Sacramento. Especially when I would take the bus to school, it was an hour bus ride so I got to notice a lot of trees. I think one of the main reasons why I like Sacramento is because of all the different trees. When I was younger I did not notice that their were Palm trees as well as different kinds of Oak trees.

Did you know in William Land Park by the parking lot near the golf club house there is a Willow Oak tree? According to, the Willow Oak tree is a native of Eastern U.S., common in New Jersey, Florida, and East Texas. That tree came a long way. I like the website, it has a lot of information about trees, how to plant trees, and also how to care for them. I noticed on their website that the Sacramento Tree Foundation has a lot of events. I was reading an article on this page called “Urban Forest Monitor” published by The Sacramento Tree Foundation. It was talking about an event that just passed called “Keepin’ Cool In Oak Park”, it was on Saturday July 28th at McClatchy Park. It was hosted by the Sacramento Tree Foundation. The reason for that event was to celebrate 25 years of service to the Sacramento Region’s Urban Forest. I thought that was really cool.

Another thing I want to write about is the different diseases some trees have. I did not know trees were able to carry diseases. Trees make oxygen and clean the air, if they have a disease I think that might have an effect on us. Another article on called “Trees and Air Quality” kinda talks about that. It says that according to their population and species data it “shows that a small gradual change in the regional tree species mix can help reduce ground level ozone, which is a public health concern. Ozone at high levels in the atmosphere protects the earth, but at ground level it is irritant that increases susceptibility to respiratory infections and diseases.” It also says “different tree species emit different levels of biogenic gases, which help create ground level ozone. Even a small shift in the tree species population can help improve the air .” The solution is when planting a tree do some research to look up soil type all of that helps trees grow better.

I looked up some more tree diseases and this one is infecting Elm Trees. Its called Dutch Elm Disease, I got the information from, it was talking about the signs of Dutch Elm Disease. The first sign is  “fungus infecting the vascular (water conducting) system of the tree. Infection by the fungus results in clogging of vascular tissues, preventing water movement to the crown and causing visual symptoms as the tree wilts and dies. Multiple branches may be individually infected, resulting in symptom development at several locations in the crown.”Symptoms begin in late spring or any time later during the growing season.” I thought that was crazy, but yet interesting. If you want to know more about the Dutch Elm Disease visit the website. I hope you enjoyed my article about some of the  trees out there in our city.