“New Access Sacramento Show: Sacramento Sunset”

Show info/article submitted by Vince Vicari

“Vince Vicari and Britney Rossman are two recent graduates from California State University, Sacramento. After meeting in their Freshman Seminar class, they both went on to obtain bachelors degrees in journalism. Along the way, they started “The Sac State Sunset,” a weekly radio program on Sac State’s student-run online radio station, KSSU.com. For nearly five years, Vicari (better known on the scene as “Dub V”) and Rossman (more commonly called “B-Unit”) were on the air every Thursday night to deliver fresh perspectives of college life, relationship advice, and local artist interviews. From student musicians to main-stream rappers, Vicari and Rossman dedicated an hour of each show to interviewing a music artist. During their run on KSSU.com, they garnered a wide fan base of listeners from Los Angeles to Louisiana, San Francisco to Mexico. Vicari and Rossman come from two very different upbringings, yet have a dynamic chemistry that is not found between most male-female co hosts. After a short hiatus, “Dub V & B-Unit” have reunited to do what they love most. With the help of their friends and show producers Donte and Dominic Morris from Morris League Baseball, they’ve created “The Sacramento Sunset,” a live video podcast dedicated to spreading positivity and interviewing the movers and shakers in Sacramento and beyond. Not forgetting their foundation, they also incorporate music, relationship topics, and life stories into the show to bring a relatable vibe for all walks of life.

 Watch live episodes online every Sunday at 10pm from their Ustream page on www.Facebook.com/SacramentoSunset.

Check your local listings to catch the TV version of their show, airing regularly on Access Sacramento!