Taking fourth place at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 for the high jump, Jaime Nieto was once a student at Valley High School and Sacramento City College. With only 10 weeks after taking an interest in the high jump, Nieto made it to the CIF finals his junior year in high school.

Nieto also played football and basketball while in high school. He was able to clear seven feet while attending Sacramento City College, this had been the first time he was able to do so.

It’s difficult to think of these American athletes as being one of us…the common folks of good old Sacramento. But behold, the dreams and determination of one person give us much to look up to. It feels great to have someone from our part of the country to have been representing the United States in the Olympics.

I wish to one day see more of my fellow Sacramento people going to the Olympics. Perhaps the children watching television these days will think to themselves “it must be great to compete internationally in the Olympics, I wish I were an Olympian one day!”

It all starts with a dream, grows with desire and it takes you where your persistence leads you!