By Monica Perez

How much pain does one have to go through to realize that what they’ve been through is enough? What is pain? What does it really feel like to be hurt by someone close to you? Being hurt has its good and bad consequences. You might ask what’s good about getting hurt ?

One of the main reason it’s good is that it helps you realize it’s time for you to move on and to not care about those things that hurt you. It also helps you overcome the pain you once felt but never wanted to feel. Its bad reasons are mostly because no one wants to be hurt or go through that kind of suffering. Pain is basically torture , if you think about it real hard . No matter what, in the end the pain you went through will make you realize things happen for a reason; whether it be good or bad.

It’s hard to try to forget all the pain and put the past behind you, but it’s always going to be an experience to remember. No matter how much you say “It’s in the past, I got over it,” you probably didn’t. But you can’t say you forgot it because when you talk about it being in the past, you brought it up again, which obviously means you haven’t forgotten about it because you will always remember the experience that you just went through. But the worst part about getting hurt is who hurts you. If someone you never thought would hurt you suddenly does, it hurts more than you can  imagined because you didn’t expect it from someone you’re extremely close to. But it’s different when you get hurt from someone you would expect it from, right? Because you think to yourself “I knew this person would hurt me, so it’s not a big deal, so it’s easier to get over that pain you know. But when it’s from that person you didn’t expect it from, you start to wonder “Why me? What did I do wrong, to deserve my closest friends or family members to hurt me?” Or you start to think “Maybe they never meant anything they told me” because they hurt you that bad, they never really cared? You also tend to think they moved on from it, so maybe so should you.

So this proves getting hurt from someone close to you vs. someone not as close is harder to overcome! So to answer the question I started with, how much pain does one have to go through to realize what you been through is enough? Well, the answer is you realize enough is enough when who you once were & what you once been through has changed who you are now and makes you a stronger person, and makes it easier to overcome whatever it is next to come your way. You realize all this all because you soon notice that you don’t really care as much and your more laid back when it comes to those things that used to hurt you. So my advice to those reading this is to just keep your head up. Look up never down. Move forward never back. And worry about the future not the past!