By Marilynn Wong

California’s budget problems, statewide and local, has created many economic losses. Many people have been unemployed
and many people are being laid off. Many of California’s funds have been cut down and it has a big impact on the environment, such as parks. As there are lots of parks in Sacramento, many are left untidy because park workers had been laid off. Now parks are left in a bad condition because trash had been dumped all over the place. Parks are not in the best conditions then the previous years. As witnessing Cabrillo Park, trash had created the park into a dump place.

Mimi Wong, a young person living in Sacramento says, “It is disgusting to see trash all over the parks and left un-cleaned. Kids need a clean and healthy environment to play in.”

There are many parks in Sacramento that are littered with large amounts of trash. With the park workers being laid off, parks had been poorly maintained. Many people had littered the parks due to their lack throwing waste in the trash cans. The litter attracts many insects and bugs which in turn invades the parks. Food and wrappers are poorly managed that create mold and bacteria. Also, many drinks had been left tipped over and splattered the playgrounds and benches which create many sticky surfaces.

Because of the fewer amounts of park workers, there is one solution to maintain the cleanness of parks. That solution is getting residents to volunteer. Since many teenagers need volunteer hours to complete their school requirements, they can help clean parks so they can receive their hours and make the environment a safer and cleaner place. With the help of volunteers, the parks would be in a comfortable and clean enjoyable place to go to. Also, volunteers would have a positive effect on the community. Cleaning the parks helps residents communicate and work with other people that are in the same community. Also, young people gain work experiences that help them prepare for their jobs in the future. Being a volunteer in our local parks help make a difference and not only benefit you but the community and visitors.