By Lorena Ceballos

In life there are many experiences you’re not meant to go through until you are grown and living on your own. I grew up in a household with barely any money. My mom did whatever she could to get money for our family. I have had to live in a house without electricity or gas. My life has not been an easy one to live, my sisters and I have had to do chores, go to school, and do extracurricular activities all in a regular day.

Living in the neighborhood I’ve grown up in, you could tell I wasn’t financially stable. Despite our living situation, we continued to take our hour long trip to school each day, no matter the weather or lack of money. I honestly have the desire to become a doctor to help those who need it and my life and its struggles has only added to that desire. My dream of being a doctor has bloomed and I am determined to provide health care for the poor because I know how it is. I may have lived in the “ghetto” growing up, and it wasn’t easy to, but it is the reason I am who I am today. I have to thank my mother for being my crutch to lean on.