The State Fair just closed and we are already “talkin’ football”?

Yes, the GOTW crew is gearing up, getting a new 300′ camera cable for the truck, developing new graphics, and planning the season ahead. So the question is asked, “How does Access Sacramento choose the games you cover each year? Every Friday night there are as many as 30 games being played in the region. How do you pick?”

So we asked our game producer/announcer Will James and the “Imperator of Analysis” Coach Jim Dimino to explain.

Selections of games televised on Access Sacramento’s Game-of-the-Week are based on the following considerations and other factors:

Game site/venue accommodations/limitations involving stadium, gym, field grounds and facilities (adequate space for truck, camera placement, and announcers position; sufficient power sources, adequate lighting, safety, etc.)

School, district, CIF/SJS policies

Quality and magnitude of the game match-up

Impact on the standings/rankings- Degree of audience attraction

Consideration of schools not previously covered

Time and day of the game is considered to prevent conflict with Access Sacramento programming or other televised sports programming

Geographic location and distance to the game

Access Sacramento’s coverage radius (Cable TV in Sacramento County)

Potential consequences from inclement weather for outdoor coverage – hazardous conditions for crew, damage to broadcast equipment

Excessive expense attached to telecasts – broadcast rights fees, larger   crew, extraordinary circumstances, etc.

Stay tuned for the schedule to be announced soon. For the first time in our long history of high school sports, many of the games will be cablecast “LIVE” Friday night at 7:00 PM, repeated Saturday at Noon, and the following Tuesday at 7:00 PM – only on Access Sacramento cable channel 17. Are you ready for some football?