Did you know that smartphones are becoming more common among teens, especially those who are older? But that does not mean that the other people are without cell phones, in fact 77 percent of those aged 12-17 report having a cell phone. Some of the pro’s of having a smart phone is that you can multitask, download apps, music, video, it is like having a computer as a cell phone.

I do not own a smart phone because I feel like its to much of a distraction, because most kids that I see in class are on their cell phones, and smart phones will distract them even more because of the endless possibilities they are capable of. With an ordinary cell phone the only distractions you have are simply phone calls and texts and a bad quality internet. With a smart phone you can possibly webcam, play great quality videos, and also a use a touch screen that is bigger then the average cell phone.

With a smart phone you can be way more organized and have a computer everywhere you go.  But I feel like a smart phone is overrated and half the time the battery dies because of how many apps you have working at the same time. Also, the smart phone is also related to a trend because 23% of teens aged 12-17  say they have a smart phone and 31% of those aged 14-17 have a smart phone, compared with 8% of youth aged 12-13. A smart phone could be a big responsibility and the reason behind big distractions, but smart phones also introduced the 21st century into the best communication technology man has seen in the last 30 years.