Roasted duck

Roasted duck

Being born in Thailand and coming to the states when I was 2, I don’t remember the struggles and hardships back in my home country. I know we lived in a harsh refugee camp, had little money and was barely fed. Being  curious, I asked my mother what we ate back then. Casually speaking, she told me of the delicious giant rats that kept me alive to this day.

You hear it all over the city. The Vietnamese eat dogs and cats? Those tacos are made of cow tongue?! Better yet, sometimes you’ll smell it. Mien people love eating squirrel. To eat it, you must torch the fur. It gives off a foul, unnerving stench. Then depending on the cook, broil or roast the meat. My mother says it has a chicken taste to it, but I won’t eat it. It’s just simply amazing how other ethnic foods fascinate and scare us.

These eggs to my left aren’t normal eggs, they are aborted duck eggs. A delicacy in some cultures. From experience, I can say after you get over the tiny duckling inside, the meal is quite appetizing. Especially if eaten with homemade sauces of pepper, garlic and cilantro

Maybe some foods aren’t that different at all. I’ve read books about travels on sea of pirates and sailors. These men ate turtles as usual meals. In Sacramento, some folks don’t just find turtles are the pet store. Go to an Asian supermarket and you will find exotic creatures in the food aisles. The turtles, maybe some live frogs, sea snails and many more!

Being adventurous, I want to travel when I get older. Distant countries and even states will have different atmospheres with different foods. By then, I hope that I would have the courage to tackle these foods and taste a little of our different but similar cultures.