Its July, the heat has turned up a notch….or two! We can always link summer fun with a good swim, water balloons or anything to stay cool during the high temperatures. As public pools have been closing, the chance to stretch your arms and splash around in a public pool have slowly diminished with the declining number of public pools available. Unless you have your own pool at home, that means no summer fun for you.

Acknowledgement to the issue of the downfall of community pools was made by the Youth Leadership Council. In in response to their concern they were able to plan and host an event in which children and their parents would be able to enjoy a fun afternoon with free food and of course, enjoy and play in a refreshing pool.  On Wednesday July 18th 2012 the community pool at Colonial Heights Park was opened to the public and the Youth Leadership Council hosted an event full of fun and games for kids.

“We are expecting around 300 people to assist” said Stephonya Jackson, one of the organizers of the event. When asked what the purpose of the event was Jackson responded “We just wanted something fun for the kids to do on a weekday afternoon so that they can cool off since its pretty hot during the summer time.”

Jackson tell us that it took months of planning but the effort they put into an event like this is well paid off by the looks of the happy children in jumper houses and those tossing water balloons. Walmart was one of the sponsors that assisted in the event that took place.

Overall, the day was dedicated to making the children of South Sacramento happy and create a safe environment for them to enjoy. Smiles and laughter filled Colonial Heights Park with a cheery spirit of happiness thanks to the opening of the pool the kids are now able to play in.