So the other day I attended this event called “SPLASH 2012” held at Colonial Park. When I arrived the place was packed, water and kids were flying everywhere. I headed to the sign-in table where I was kindly greeted and handed a ticket. There were so many activities for kid, a dunk tank, a jump house, a jungle gym and more. There were also FREE refreshments like Slushies’, Otter Pops, and water.

Aside from that there were also booths with good information from local school districts and Councilmembers. I exchanged words with a few parents, community officials and volunteers. We all pretty much landed on the same page, we both felt like more events like this are what the community needs. Being in the mist of all the healthiness and positive atmosphere made me truly realized with more events like this can honestly make our community prosperous.

This event was more then just kids keeping cool in the summer it was the start of what to expect next from the South Sacramento community. It was to give kids positive things to do while being safe. It was to promote healthy living and activities. For all kids should be entitled to a healthy lifestyle in a safe environment. As the evening winded down the raffles prizes began and boy did that light up kid’s faces. Did I mention the art activities that were offered and the wide selection of board games? Well, they were pretty popular. Soon after the raffles, the food was served, on the menu there were two kinds of salad and a wide selection of dressings. The main dish was fresh and authentic chicken and beef tacos with all the trimmings.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say the tacos were amazing, the best I’ve honestly ever had! By the way this event was totally free so it made everything even better, honestly who isn’t fond of free food? As time kept flying by, Splash soon started to wind down. The fact that community members stuck around and helped clean up the park, even the kids, really was the icing on the cake; it was a priceless moment. My hat goes off to the men and women apart of the South Sac Coalition and the Sacramento BHC, and I thank them for investing in youth like me because we are the Future leaders of tomorrow.

I would be delighted to hear your feed back about this article and for more information about the mentioned organizations check out the links bellow.

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South Sacramento Coalition

Sacramento BHC

SCUSD Connect Center

City Council member Jay Schenirer District 5