On July 22, 2012, I went to the California State Fair.  I rode the rides, ate cotton candy, and had a lot of fun with my girlfriend. As we were walking around Cal Expo we smelled a stench like as if animals were nearby, that’s when I realized that the State Fair has animals. But what are these animals here for?

Well I talked with a women named Diane Sageria and she spoke of how she loves the Brown Swiss cow and how she started with just one cow and now she has 14. She told me where she was from, Petaluma, California. I asked her, “What brings you to the State Fair?” Sageria replied, “I am here for the Western National Round Swiss Show”. The Western National Swiss Show is a contest where a series of cow breeders meet and have contest on a series of details on their Brown Swiss cows.

Diane also told me a little bit about her family. She has three boys, the oldest boy being 30.  Her oldest son continues the family tradition by raising his own cattle so that they can soon become Western National Round Swiss Show champions. Diane has been in the business for over 25 years and says she will continue bringing her cows and her family to the Western National Round Swiss Show champions.