On Saturday, my cousin and I visited a huge flea market in Berlin, Germany. There were tons of silverware, jewelry, fur coats, old books and lots of nick-nacks dating back from World War II and the Cold War. It was clear that vendors priced their goods according to the customer, so I was sure to bargain them down when contemplating a purchase. For instance, I bought some cool pilot goggles for €12, originally €18. Woo hoo!

The atmosphere was crowded but quiet. Vendors sat back while the customer looked around. It was nice that way because you didn’t have someone hovering over your back telling you to buy something. I asked one vendor where his goods came from. He’s response; “different”. I suppose he meant from different places but he was not going to give away the names of those places. It was quite comical!
There are many flea markets in Europe. The flea market I attended was called Heidestr, and it was located Tiergarten in Berlin. It takes place every Saturday from 8a.m. to 8p.m. The vendors set up their merchandise in old railway storage sheds and focus on furniture, porcelain, books and old model cars and toys.  If you are traveling soon and love a great bargain hunt, check out a flea market near you!