Many have attended talent shows, but probably have never seen one go mobile. Coordinator RevPaul Joseph Bryant Sr., a singer, author and minister has brought together many inspired people to begin hosting unique talent shows on the streets. The shows are on top of a large truck equipped with surround system and a platform. He will be traveling with this idea around many close cities of Sacramento: A tour to bring peace to the area.

“Everyone will have a chance to step onto stage.” he explains, “There are no tryouts.” Singers, comedians, rapper, dancers, instrument payers and many more. RevPaul hopes to see an opportunity for many of those on the street to step up to the plate too.  Being homeless himself while living in his limo, he can relate to those struggling on the street.

He explained, “It’s not just going to be a talent show. There will everything! A locksmith show, carpenters and mechanics will teach and there will even be even a ministry.

Folks, if you see a gathering on the streets or outskirts of town booming music and having a fun time, it may just be God’s Tailgate Talent Show. Take a peek, please donate and enjoy the show.