Written By Meng Thao  

Isn’t there something just magical about a guitar? If played right, people will sit quietly and bask in the beautiful sound. If played differently, you could have the entire room up and dancing. This is just a fraction of what a guitar can do. The real question is what does a guitar mean to you? Well, to me playing the guitar is a way to express myself. Have you ever been in a situation where you have this feeling but you can’t seem to express it with words? Through playing the guitar, I feel that I can.

The guitar to me is also a way to keep a dying bond, alive. As a kid, I remember my dad playing the guitar and the whole family would be there to listen. Those were the most fondest memories I had with my father who isn’t around anymore. This is only what a guitar means to me so I DARE you to pick up a guitar and find out what a guitar means for you. It’s never to late or too learn to pick up a guitar. I didn’t start playing until I was eighteen. I’ll guarantee that you’ll enjoy every second of it. Also playing the guitar gets the ladies, just saying.