By Leticia Ceballos

In a matter of a day, an hour, or even a second one’s world can be turned upside down; it only took one morning for mine to be almost unrecognizable. I woke up to the hardest knock I had ever heard on my front door. My mother, naturally concerned, paced to the door, anticipating some sort of bad news, or something of that nature. She opened the door to three strangers. My three siblings and I sat on the couch and just listened to them. From the tone of their voices alone we knew something was wrong. The look on my mother’s face will forever be burned into my memory, but her face was nothing compared to what she told us.

Life is all about anticipation, but no matter what you anticipate you are never adequately prepared. In a month I had to be out of my home, our landlord had been keeping our rent money, and now my “home” belonged to the bank. We had no money to move, and so we depended on the money the bank offered due to the inconvenience; they called it “Cash for Keys”. Everything bigger than a quarter had to be out; everything had to be out.

The funny thing about life is no matter what is going on, it doesn’t stop. For me it felt like life not only would not stop, but moved twice as fast. My nights became dedicated to packing, and cleaning, moving things to storage, anything to clear the place out. My days were dedicated to school, if nothing else this situation reminded me just how important school is. Success isn’t an option for me; it is my only chance. My education is my tool to success, my tool to escape this life. Every spare second I got I studied for my finals. Afterschool I had practice, and while this wasn’t a priority or anything it was the only thing that made me feel normal. I would go to practice or games, and I would just wish that loosing or turn overs where my only worries, but life is not that kind. My only thought: Why us? Life doesn’t pick victims, but it sure felt this way. Basketball was my personal escape, but it always ended and when it did I went “home”; it became a routine.

Like everything does, the month ended. We got the money, and finding a home was easy; simply because my home is and always will be where my family is. The roof above us can change a million times, but the people who remain within the walls are what matters. I got an A on every one of my finals, and I had an amazing basketball season. I was not a victim, but an individual given the opportunity to learn. In a morning my life was turned upside down, but in a matter of a month it was turning right side up, just in a new direction.