Did you know that eating healthy can reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases? Let me tell you a little story about my father. My father is 52 now and at the age of 50 I thought I was going to lose him.

My father used to always make the best breakfast on the block. He would make two eggs with a side of hash-browns and a couple of sausages with another side of white toast with jelly. To top it all off he would boil some chorizo and poor it on top of his eggs. As I grew up with this knowledge of eating like that I soon became obese, that was until I joined baseball but my father was eating that same meal for over 50 years.

Two years ago I got into an argument with one of my siblings. As my father tried to break it up he fell to the floor grasping his left arm and breathing very heavily. I began to blame it on myself but soon after the ambulance came and he returned home we all realized it was his eating combined with the stress we caused.

My father will be 53 this year and he does not look a year over 30. He’s done this by eating healthy and choosing whole grain. The picture on the top of the article is me and my father when I was four. My father means the world to me and for him to give up the best breakfast on the whole block means a lot to me because he is the most committed and honest man I have ever known and loved.

For more info on healthy eating go to http://www.healthyforms.com/eating-right/benefits.php