Sunday July 29 “Media Edge” Profiles George Stoney – Father of Public Access Television

GEORGE STONEY passed away on July 12 at the age of 96. He was a prolific documentary filmmaker (including the Emmy Award-winning PBS documentary “We Shall Overcome”, “All My Babies”, “The Uprising of ’34” and “The Weavers: Wasn’t that a Time”. His life was dedicated to the study of film, as an intensely involved educator, and considered by many – “the father of public access TV.”

This week’s episode of Media Edge is devoted to his life and never-ending support of community media. Watch Access Sacramento channel 17 Sunday July 29 at 8:00 PM for these insightful documentaries telling the story of his life-long dedication to community media

“George Stoney: A Life in Film” (12 minutes)An excellent overview of the many achievements of George Stoney.

“Amy Goodman Interviews George Stoney” (16 minutes) On September 30, 2005, Amy Goodman interviewed George Stoney about the public access television movement on “Democracy Now!”

“Everyone’s Channel” (60 minutes)This 1990 video documents the history of U.S. community television and public access TV, using rare video clips from across the nation. Combining unique archival footage from the early days of cable, rediscovered footage from the late 1960s, and interviews with access pioneers, it provides an illuminating overview of the people (especially George Stoney), ideas, and technological developments that helped make cable access a reality, and stresses the continuing need to see it as a vital necessity and right.

“George Stoney” (16 minutes) An intimate and touching portrait of George Stoney at the age of 93.

“The Uprising of ’34” (6 minutes) An excerpt from George Stoney’s startling documentary, which tells the story of the General Strike of 1934, a massive but little-known strike by hundreds of thousands of Southern cotton mill workers.
“George Stoney: A Happy Collaborator” (2 minutes) An excerpt from a work-in-progress profile of George Stoney and his strong support of organ donation.
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