On Tuesday, July 17th, the group “Pesticide Watch” met with Sacramento Councilmemeber Kevin Mc Carty at his office in City Hall to reward the program interns Adrian Chao and Lorena C for the work and dedication they have brought to the group over this summer.

Before the event, the interns were encouraged to bring their friends and family to this meeting. During the meeting, Lorena and Adrian shared with Councilmember McCarty about the work they’ve done with Pesticide Watch so far and they also expressed their ideas about bringing a garden to Hiram Johnson Senior high school.
The main idea they had for the garden was to make it community accessible. McCarty expressed how important it is to get estimates for the garden and support form the community and other organization. He also shared his experiences building other community gardens such as the Fruitridge elementary and Will C. Wood Middle School gardens.
The interns also discussed how they got involved with Pesticide Watch through their 7th period at Hiram Johnson. Finally, Mc Carty also said he would dedicate his time and support along with his staff and he will also help out with the garden by donating to the construction costs of it. Before leaving, the interns were given their certificates and stipends and each took a picture with the Councilmember for posterity.